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      Product Code : LSI 0009
      Brand Name : LASIN
      Product Description

      USE :

      When an organic solid is heated, the heat energy that’s added to the substance is translated into kinetic energy – the movement of the molecules. The more mobile molecules are able to partially overcome the intermolecular attractive forces which keep them adhered rigidly in place in the highly-ordered structure of the crystalline “lattice.” The individual molecules can move more freely in the liquid state, and the interactions between them are transient in nature.

      The melting point of a substance is the temperature range over which the first crystal of a solid just starts to melt and the last crystal completes its melting.

      A melting point range is very narrow for pure solids (usually just 1 – 2°C), and it is an intensive physical property – characteristic of the particular compound. Thus a melting point can be used to tentatively identify pure compounds in their solid state.

      FEATURES :

      - Determination of Melting Point up to 350°C.

      - The mounted block is illuminated below by a lamp fixed in its housing.

      - The alluminium block accepts three capillary tubes and mercury thermometer.

      - The temperature is regulated by energy regulator fitted with the unit.

      - The lamp provides uniform and shadow-less light.